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The Latest Wednesday, August 17, 2010
When seismic isn’t enough
In this recent interview, Dr. Michal Ellen Ruder, President of Wintermoon Geotechnologies, discusses the best use of gravity and magnetic methods for Oil and Gas exploration.
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Exploration tips from the best in the business
Dan Wood led Australia's Newcrest Mining's exploration team during a time when Newcrest was considered the world’s most successful gold explorer (1992-2005). His top discovery enhancers are summarized in this blog post. They include: Discovery Culture, Serendipity and People, Creativity and Visualization.
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SBGf forum focuses on gravity and magnetic methods
Running September 20-23 in Brazil, the SBGf forum on Non-Seismic Methods will focus on the application of geophysical techniques, with an emphasis on new ideas and methods that are contributing to Oil discoveries in South America and worldwide.
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Creating Crooked Geophysical Sections
You can now create sections from survey lines that contain bends or curves and display these sections in 3D. Birgit Woods, Geosoft technical analyst, explains how in this video demonstrating new capabilities in the latest version of Oasis montaj.
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Networking for the Lonesome Fieldie
For those of us who spend a great deal of our time alone because of the nature of our jobs, sites like LinkedIn provide a connection to like-minded colleagues around the globe who are usually happy to answer questions and share expertise.
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Next Issue of Earth Explorer - Available in September
The next issue of Earth Explorer magazine will include a look at the application of geophysical inversion modelling for mineral and oil exploration. We will consider how explorers can maximize the benefit of inversion modelling, within their exploration programs, in order to increase cost effectiveness by optimizing the use of drilling, reducing uncertainty, and increasing the speed of discovery.
Upcoming Events
ASEG-PESA 21st International Geophysical Conference and Exhibition
August 22-26, 2010 – Sydney, Australia
www.aseg-pesa2010.com.au | Geosoft @ ASEG-PESA
SBGf Non-Seismic methods: birth and rebirth of geophysics
September 20-23, 2010 – Rio de Janiero, Brazil
Geo-Computing 2010
September 29 - October 01, 2010 – Brisbane, QLD - Australia
aig.org.au/events/167  | Geosoft @ Geo-Computing
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